Agri Tech Solutions is a market leading agricultural equipment distributor based in Worcestershire, UK. We are specialists in efficient & innovative agriculture solutions.


Whether you are looking for new ways to feed your livestock, to reduce your feeding costs or even just to compliment your current feed regime we have an efficient and cost effective solution for you. Our sprouted barley systems can reduce feed costs by producing the equivalent of 2.6kg of high quality concentrate feed for as little as £0.40. The Ifeed range is capable to reducing your feed costs (and risk of colic) by delivering small regular feeds to your horse allowing them to utilise much more of the nutrients than would be available in larger portions and all without you having to change your current feed regime.


We manufacture and distribute innovative products such as our flagship sprouted barley systems, allowing you to reduce your feed costs while increasing the overall health of your animals. We also distribute seaweed feed for animals grown in the crystal waters of the artic, equipment capable of creating ozone particles that naturally clean surfaces alongside the air contained in a room. Our team are always reviewing the latest technology available allowing us to bring this to you at a price worth paying. If you’ve got a product you think we should have get in touch!


With over 30 years in hydroponics and 7 years in innovative farming products our team has a wealth of knowledge we can use to help find a solution that fits your needs. Whether you’re looking to reduce your feed costs, improve your animals health or reduce the chance of disease we can help !


All our products are either manufactured or hand picked and thoroughly tested by our highly experienced team. This means that our team are able to offer you outstanding product support across our whole range, and if we cant answer your questions over the phone we are not afraid of putting on a pair of wellies and coming out to visit you.