Algea produces seaweed based animal feed supplements for cattle, horses, ponies, pigs, poultry, pets and fish.

AlgeaFeed Cattle

AlgeaFeed 3.5AlgeaFeed Cattle’s active ingredients encourage the well-being of the animal, and help to improve their milk yield. Cattle fed with brown seaweed have a lower incidence of mastitis, a dangerous inflammation of the breast tissue. A food ration that is enriched by AlgeaFeed, allows cattle to grow healthier, tougher and more prolific, thus producing a better breed.

AlgeaFeed Horse

AlgeaFeed HorseHorses and ponies are herbivores whose diet varies greatly according to the type and amount of physical activity. The AlgeaFeed Horse seaweed meals is a valuable addition to their diet, especially in cases of iodine deficiency. Due to the length of the intestine, horses are more prone to colics. The vegetable fibre of AlgeaFeed helps keep the bowels clean of residues, ensuring greater vitality and well-being of the horse.

It is important to ensure a good supply of fibre, vitamins and minerals for farmed pigs, to be administered according to the age and the final use of the animal. The Algea seaweed meals are naturally rich in these essential elements.